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To Make the Environment a cleaner place for all of us it takes everyone to do their part. Here are a few great individuals sharing their stories and Organizations to make this happen!

Nepal – Omkar with Go Go Green Organization

Here is a little about what Nepal is doing through other Environmental actions. It takes a team of people from all different backgrounds to make things happen!

Environment conference – 2018

Background :

We are green organization – GO, established on 2016. We had began our journey of millions miles earlier than our establishment in 2016. Being inspired by the proverb of “act locally, Think globally” we had lunched various programs on cleanliness camping on public chocks, market and watershed areas. Likely, we had launched afforestation campaign in different parts of nawalpur. We had conducted the joint program on biodiversity conservation with different community forest consumer committees and poverty reduction and awareness program to the grass root level people who are directly upon on exploitation of natural recourse.

On the occasion of world environment day 2018. Being the directly concerned stakeholders in environment conservation sector, we all know well about the valuable condition of our natural environment. We know it well but we don’t realize that what to act for its proper management. If we neglect such a crucial issue then what will be our near future thus, time has come to react against it with joint hands. So, we were anticipating your glorious presence here in this historical conference. To meet the goals of sustainable development.

Name : Environment conference

Date : 02/jun/2018, 10:00 am

place : kawasoti, nawalpur Nepal.

Organizer : green organization – GO

Kawasoti, Nepal cell: 9857041158



Public environment awareness development forum

Kawasoti, Nepal cell. 9847240406

Participant: 40 people (environment activist & export, related

Student, buffer zone consumer committee, forest

Representative, public representative, organizer)


To create a world, where every individual will effort to save the earth at first and only then this beautiful earth and its serenity can be preserved through bio-diversity conservation, improvement of lifestyle of people in sustainable way to maintain social and economic equality.



Vision / missions :

· Make a people aware about to save earth to save themselves.

· To achieve the goals of sustainable development through peoples participation and reduction of poverty thought income generations programs

· make people to put the environment at first and then thousand

· To develop the environment friendly concept in people as an integral part of human life

· To ensure child rights, women rights, and human rights through gender equality and create economical equality

· To develop the pro-preparation education program to combat against the risk related to natural disasters and climate change.

· To mobilize the youth manpower for various conservation programs and develop capacity building program.

Discussion :

· How to conger environment .


· Promote of Environment friendly society(EFLG)


· World cleanup day ( 15/09/2018 )


· Promotion of forest and wildlife.


· Green and smart city.


· Biodiversity conservation.

At last but not least, we appeal all the stakeholders in environment sector to join with u by any means. If you want to make us pant of your program pleased feel free to invite us. We are dedicated in the conservation of environment without any compromising. We are anticipating your cordial support and well wise to achieve this common goal.

Thank you

Program coordinator : Ln dawadi cell.985704158



Bénin in West Africa – DARA fofana With JCI

JCI in Porto Novo is in partnership with World Clean Up Day and they are making a diffrence. Here is a little bit about a man named Dara Fofana and his contributioins towards making the enviroment a cleaner place to live.

My name DARA fofana,  I’m come from Bénin in West Africa,. I belong to a local organization JCI Porto-Novo impact who is under JCI Benin, in professional life I am Tourism Attaché, and I am 34 years old.

This activity was organized during the rendering of a project from my local organization where I belong or I contributed as shown in the photos and the history in which I participated with joy alongside my local organization.

JCI Porto-Novo impact accompanied by other NGOs and networks with associations of the city of Porto-Novo, to a citizen gesture full of impact, that of participating in the sanitation of the public square of my locality.

Yes, protect our environment through the project JECAVIS (Young Committed to a Healthy Living Environment).