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Trash Hero

Here are some Inspirational Stories from Trash Hero In Indonesia!! We Can Make A Difference If We All Work Together!

Trash Hero began in Thailand where locals began to organize weekly cleanups on the beaches, chapters quickly were formed concentrating in Southeast Asia, incl. Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore, but also extending into Europe, Africa and the USA. Wayan Akasara is the Trash Hero Indonesia chairman. Drummer in a traditional Gamelan temple band, businessman and local hero who brings out 500 people and growing every week for the Saba chapter of Trash Hero in the Gianyar region of Bali. In June 4 more chapters will open on Bali.

Trash Hero

A year ago they collected 700 kg from the beach and river mouth in Saba. It’s down to 100 kg after upriver educational talks and building consensus with the village locals. Priests are wearing Trash Hero t-shirts, regional government support with workers & trucks, the army and police regularly show up – to clean. Wayan has created a blueprint for the regions of Indonesia in the spirit of ‘business as un-usual’. Wayan was inspired by his father, who for years went to the beach alone to clean the trash. Now Wayan has thousands of people on the island joining him.

Trash Hrero

Brandon is from Java, he learned about the environment in senior high school enjoying hiking camping and climbing, reading a lot of books, inspired by his coach. His aim – ‘one day no pollution and we reforest the world. I want everyone to have the same education about littering, so they feel disgusted by trash they made. All people should be encouraged to put trash in the bin, this is criminal to the environment.

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