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My name is Aaron Griffin, and I am a freelance writer and blogger for three of my own websites in which I discuss everything from technology, travel, coffee, working from home lifestyle, and of course the environment. Why is this day so important to me? let me explain.

Sustainable Technologies To Help With A Cleaner Indonesia

Renewable energy, green building technology, and environmental technologies. These are all very important if we want to see the future of our planet grow as opposed to continue down this path of self-destruction. Sustainability, energy management, waste reduction, renewable energy, site assessment, and environmental responsibility is important for all of us to take part in.

Through the tradition of “gotong royong”, our volunteers become educated about the severity of the rubbish and littering problem, grooming more and becoming concerned and environmentally-responsible citizens. There are currently several innovators of technology which are helping with the environment right now that are changing the face of this planet in a better way. You could actually say they are giving “mother earth a face lift” There is the “Water Front Partnership of Baltimore” Who created the TRASH WHEEL Project.Trash wheel

  • This device has actually collected up to 38,000lbs of trash in one day!! And over one million pounds of trash from the Baltimore Harbour
  • On a sunny day the solar panels can produce 2,500 watts of electricity.
  • Trash collected by the Water Wheel is incinerated to generate electricity.
  • If you lined up all the cigarette butts collected by the Water Wheel, they would stretch over 70 miles! “so quit smoking!”

Another amazing change is a start up company turning plastic waste into homes for as low as $280 USD. The houses are being built by a startup in Mexico and can make a huge change in our poverty worldwide by offering a stable safe home to live.

  • Each house uses 2 tons of plastic and are well insulated, while America is throwing away 30 million tons of Plastics each year they could be building up to 15million sustainable homes per year to help with the ever growing homeless population.
  • They can last for up to 100 years and are very durable.
  • Housing cost have sky-rocketed leaving over 38 million Americans who can’t afford there homes.
  • Its time to think of a new solution to the waste and housing problems, not just in the States, but all over the world!

So you can see there is a need for Sustainable Technologies when it comes to our environment, but it’s not just up to the large corporations. It starts with you. Each and every one of you can make a difference today. And to help get the word out there, I stress the use of Social Media and topic sharing through Blogs, Reddit, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other writing platforms. Let me explain.

The Use Of Social Media & Why Its Important

Within the last 15 years the use of Social Media has exploded! giving all of us a voice! allowing everyone to share their thoughts and opinions. Facebook alone has over 2.13 billion active monthly users alone and it continues to grow. Its daily users are over 1.40 billion users, and this is just Facebook. Why do I stress the use of Social Media, well let me explain it to you like this.

With the ability to reach possibly everyone on this planet with the use of Social Media and platform sharing we are able to have functions like this. “CJD” We are able to share with our friends, family and anyone who will listen the importance of keeping this planet clean. There is the ability to show videos and write articles about the importance of helping and volunteering. There is the ability to learn about recycling and find programs locally to join. I for one, am here today because of the use of Social Media. I am sure most, if not all are you are here too, thanks to the power of the internet and Social Media.

One of the best ways to share your experience and speak out is through the use of a blog, who can have a blog? well, you can! you all can! if everyone in this room had their own personal blog sharing the same views and expressing there passion for a cleaner earth, I believe more people would listen. It’s easy to ignore the problems, but not if the problem starts effecting you personally. Our waste problem has effected me, personally. I hate to see the trash building up, the toxic air we are breathing, the animals who are being affected and can’t speak out, The oceans we love to swim in being polluted. There is the ability to be there voice! There is the ability to speak and share! There is the ability to make a change!

So How Can Indonesia Change Its Ways?

The one way Indonesia can change it’s growing trash problem is by converting it’s fossil fuel usage to a more “waste-to-energy” power plants. This means using the growing household waste to convert to sustainable energy which can be used to create Bio-Fuels to power electricity and much more. Initiatives from local governments and private sector players such as Unilever Indonesia has introduced the concept of waste banks — in which households separate their waste into different containers and then deposit non-organic solid waste at a collection point in their neighborhood in exchange for money that can be kept in an account at the waste bank or withdrawn.

Over 14,000 kg of inorganic waste was collected by local communities in Greater within Jakarta less than a year after Unilever Indonesia’s program set up 10 waste banks in the area. This concept has changed the way a lot of people are thinking now when it comes to waste, simply offering something in return for the participation of waste collection has helped tremendously. Thanks to this concept it has led to the basic infrastructure to lucrative waste composite sites and the economic growth of job opportunities in Indonesia.

How Can You Help Change Indonesia & The World

There are literally so many ways to help, you are already taking the first step just by being here. Everyone of you has a voice, a solution to a problem and passion to fix it. Indonesia’s fast growing population is making the waste management and recycling issue all the more pressing, With 4.7 million births per year according to the (National Family Planning Coordinating Board),. Nappy composting has proved to be highly effective in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and should have similar success in Indonesia given the implementation of active consumer education programs and facilities which have clearly marked disposal areas.

  • Other ways to help are to recycle more
  • Create your own compost and use for fertilizer
  • Pick up that piece of trash in front of you instead of just walking past it
  • Educate yourself on Recycling and Waste management
  • Tell your friends to help out and educate them also
  • Create a blog to tell the world!
  • Share videos and posts on Social Media to get the word out
  • Be kind to our planet and our animals


Overall we all have the power and a plan to change this growing problem with waste, it’s really a matter of putting it into action. It only takes one voice to echo across the world and start seeing a change. So I expect all of you to do your part and make this years Jakarta Clean Up Day the most successful it’s been!

If you would like to learn how you can build your own blog and start spreading the news you can visit to learn how to build your own website for free!





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