Let’s Do It World is a global movement that connects people and organizations around the world with the goal to make the planet clean and free of waste. As a World Cleanup Day (WCD) initiator we are committed to fight illegal trash by organizing a cleanup day on September 15, 2018, which involves 150 countries from around the world. We hope in total 380 million people or about 5 percent of the world’s population will be involved in this simultaneous clean-up action.

International background


In 2015 we were ranked as the second biggest plastic waste contributor to the world’s ocean. We plan to change this problem by having events, not just annually but throughout the year. Also, by educating the people of Indonesia starting with the children we can hope to reduce the waste in which is contributing to this problem.

Indonesia background

Team Leaders

team leaders


Our Purpose For (WCD) Indonesia 2018,

  • We plan to establish a momentum that unites all Indonesian people as part of a world community from various backgrounds, religions, ethnic, culture, inter culture and different languages. We plan to do this through WORLD CLEANUP DAY to raise awareness of our ever growing waste issues in Indonesia.
  • Let’s Do it Indonesia will become part of one massive movement to make Indonesia clean from trash as well as promoting sustainable practices through technology and education with peace and love values.

The expected outcome of this year’s event will be 13 Million volunteers with all 34 provinces contributing to this one special day. Let’s Do it Indonesia will locate and manage the waste in 500 cities in Indonesia with the goal of ZERO WASTE. This year’s event will be bigger and better than its previous year so Let’s DO IT INDONESIA. We need your help to make this happen and we CAN do it.

2018 activity

Activity For This Years Event 2018,

After our Leaders Academy we will be GOING ON THE ROAD for the (WCD) Indonesia ROADSHOW. Let’s Do it Indonesia will visit the larger provinces throughout Indonesia to educate and bring together the Team Leaders for this upcoming event. Let’s Do it Indonesia will be visiting Java Island, Sumatra Island, Sulawesi Island, Kalimantan Island, Papua Island and Maluku Island.

Let’s Do it Indonesia will be holding a WCD PLOGGING event in Jakarta throughout July-August 2018,. During this event we will be Jogging and picking up trash along the way which is called “PLOGGING” a great way to get exercise and clean up our environment at the same time.

Finally we have our MAIN EVENT held on September 15th. On this day all 34 Provinces will participate in the clean up of all of Indonesia along with the rest of the WORLD. This is history in its making and you should want to become a part of it.

Plogging event